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What if we were to shake up the codes of luxury

AccueilvideosWhat if we were to shake up the codes of luxury

What if we were to shake up the codes of luxury

What if we were to shake up the codes of luxury by talking about authenticity?

I am simply the heir to a balance:

I lived my earliest childhood surrounded by these smells, these Mediterranean scents and I had barely passed my thirties when I found myself immersed in one of my first large gardens. My first great creation and realization. Many years later, the owner of the place admitted to me that he was very afraid in front of the huge mound of rocks and earth that I had brought in to create this riprap and scared may also be in front of my 35 years that I displayed as any certainty.

So I discovered a completely burnt ground since at the base it was a virgin forest. A plot on which the house and the swimming pool were to be implanted. It was up to me to work the space by creating a path connecting the two. What is most difficult in creating a new place is to conceive of the new space as if it had always existed. This famous relationship between the past and the future that I often talk about.

As there are different ways to structure a sentence, there are different ways to structure space. We could talk about the notion of truth according to each and that depends on our perception.
Here, in this EDEN, the style is simple, purified…. and that may be the luxury.
As I always say, a Mediterranean garden consists of about fifteen plants. A santolin, a cistus, an agapanthe will be cut and watered differently, but first of all you have to take into account the location of your plant to create volumes. In this case, the request was to have a specially designed garden for the two summer months of July and August. And it is this desire that has guided the creation of this garden.

Discovering the new space.

The path created by the riprap will make us discover the new space.

A pool house sheltered by the surrounding oaks, a staircase that is lost in nature, and that runs in front of us to entice us to walk. Here The false jasmine with a soft green has finished flowering and falls on the walls, the cistus, the oleanders and hemerocallis are in bloom, while the teucrium and rosmarinus have been cut after their flowering to restore the structure to the place.
At the beginning of the season, the teucrium offers us a wonderful blue with its multitude of flowers and lavender as for it is dormant. In the month of July, it is the opposite, it is the lavender which is a very attractive mauve blue and the teucrium it, offers us its much appreciated gray foliage, to punctuate the other green-blue, the other green-gray, the other dark-green etc…. hence the notion of living art

mix this fluidity with this brilliance … you feel like I’m talking about chocolate, don’t you? It’s because when we talk about art, we always talk about texture, colour, light, sight.

The light is alive. The light is intelligent. It is constantly creating, because it is constantly changing. It is obvious that here, on the French Riviera, it is particularly vibrant. It is everywhere. Everything is full of light. It is the light that creates the shade and that will give relief to the garden.

Living art !

I am often asked if I consider creating a garden to be an art form.
Of course…. and it’s even living art! Art offers emotion, so does the garden. If we understand the vibration of the place, the garden will take shape exactly like a canvas. The garden offers this emotion….. an emotion where the atmosphere will be different every hour. This is the poetry of the garden.

I hope I’ve shared my profession, my passion, my emotions.

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