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Create an exceptional garden in the Mediterranean

AccueilvideoCreate an exceptional garden in the Mediterranean

Here is the transcript of the interview with Brigitte Dematteis :

A garden where modernity and authenticity mingle like a skillful dialogue with the old stones.

I exercise in the heart of my native South, my homeland, my homeland where my roots hold a very important place in my life…. but also in my creations.
I think that one cannot be a landscape artist without having a certain philosophy of life, a certain poetry, a certain taste for simplicity and thus for elegance. Being a landscaper is a way of letting yourself go to emotion.
Over time, I managed to surround myself with people to form a nice little team. I work with garden companies of course but also with water professionals, a mason. Everyone has his or her area of choice to achieve the best

A rustic luxury

Take the example of this place, with an obvious Provençal note due to the simplicity of the place and underlined by the large restanque; it is it that dictates the future swimming pool treated as a pool. This pool is very recent and it offers itself to us as if it had always been there. The magic is that as soon as you’re in phase and you understand the location, the project automatically flows from it.

A subtle graphic composition for a Provençal and functional space, where the pool creates the perspective

So, this is a graphic composition for a Provençal and functional space. A very recent swimming pool where one would think that it has always existed!
I’m the one who adapted to the environment.
It is the wall that dictates to me the paving surrounding the pool.
It is the appearance and the surface of the field that dictate to me this swimming corridor.
And that’s how the pool creates perspective. And it’s that perspective that resonates with the typically Mediterranean environment. This swimming lane is a central point. The stone basin fits perfectly into the landscape and especially the old thresholds here treated as paving surrounding the pool recall the rustic side of the existing wall.

The emblematic plants of the southern regions.

The background of the Mediterranean garden is here present with the olive tree, the cypress, the lavender, the myrtle, the thyme.
Scents of santolin and rosemary tickling the nose. The vegetation that flourishes….. a bit messy.
We make the different plants say what we want according to the size we will give them. It depends on whether you want a structured garden or a little more fuzzy. One will give a more rigid and less flowery garden, the other will bring cheerfulness and movement. The ideal is the combination of the two to avoid a garden that would be too rigid in one case or too cluttered in the other.
– The teucrium, this large, grey-foliated, blue-flowering germandree, is a very interesting plant for many reasons :

– Here, it gives a beautiful volume effect like a grey-bluish cloud
– It adapts very well to the drought under this olive tree
– And it prevents weeds from growing
– And it can also be cut into balls for a more structured effect

The pittosporum tobira nana, brings the shades of yellow green with the new shoots.
The rosemary, cut like a table, will be one of the first spring colors and will flavour all your dishes.
Finally, the agapanthes will bring color to this massif through an explosion of blue, which will take full life in the heart of summer.


Maintain the identity of the place

This is how creativity translates. Be careful, I say it often, do not believe that creativity does not need rules! It is impossible to achieve without technique. It is inseparable. It is not because we are in creativity, and we let our emotions be expressed, that there is no technicality. Quite the contrary. In all creativity, there is a logic. When I create the pre-projects, I let my artistic side speak, of course, but the truth is clear at the end of qq pre-projects and I know which one will be realized because it will be the most suitable pre-project. Adapted to the environment, adapted to the emotional of the place, adapted to the constraints of the climate and of course adapted to the desires of the customer.